THE Hedgehog Series
Hedgehog illustrations created by Alison Hill and Allison Horst for RStudio Educational Resources. Please cite as: "Illustrations by Alison Hill and Allison Horst, for RStudio."

A round hedgehog knitting a teal scarf.

A cute illustrated hedgehog showing multiple steps of writing, editing, and iterating on a notebook.

A friendly yellow python in a teal beanie helpfully holds a ball of yarn, which is being used by a round hedgehog to knit a teal and yellow mitten. A squirrel on a drum labeled "SQL" paints an "R" to make it read "SQ(R)L" (which may be read as "squirrel"). The goal is to show Python, R, and SQL together in polyglot workflows facilitated by R Markdown / Quarto.

A round hedgehog in a yellow beanie, knitting a teal scarf. Behind them are different outputs from "knitting" documents in R, including PDF, Word, LaTeX, html5, slides, eBooks, dashboards, and websites.

A round hedgehog knitting a yellow sock. A rabbit with a teal beanie and wearing one yellow sock watches in anticipation. A shelf to the left of them contains yarn (in a tote labeled "TEXT" and knitting patterns (in a tote labeled "CODE").

Unicorn confusion matrix
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