A stylized landscape showing rolling hills in different shades of orange, with purple flowers along the ridgelines. Subtle gridlines on the hills and circle packing in the flowers give a nod to data in the environment.
Silhouette of an oak tree on a night sky. Stars "data points" and gridlines in the background hint to data.
An illustrated potoo face with giant yellow-orange eyes, looking slightly confused that they're on this hex sticker.
The three penguin species in the palmerpenguins package, Adelie, chinstrap, and gentoo, on a seafoam background with a dark teal border.
Illustrated representations of different data sets in the package fill a "box," including a buffalo, trout, pika, fiddler crab, maple seedling, snowfall, and hurricane.
A dark blue oak tree silhouette over a steel blue background in the top half, and a "reflection" of its shape as a bar chart in the bottom half, with the text "Eco-Data-Science" between.
UCSB Master of Environmental Data Science Class of 2022
A tri-colored guinea pig chomping on a data point, on a dark teal background with subtle line graphs behind. Text reads "MEDS '22 version 1.0"
Environmental Studies + MEDS Hack2O water data hackathon
Styled text reads "ES + MEDS Hack2O" over a royal blue background with subtle navy blue area charts in the background.
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